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APL BUG 11 May 2009: Catherine Lathwell Rediscovers the history of APL

from Curtis A. Jones
date Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 11:20 PM
subject APL BUG 11 May 2009: Catherine Lathwell Rediscovers the history of APL

The APL Bay Area Users’ Group (The Northern California SIGAPL of the ACM) will meet at 7 p.m. on Monday the 11th of May at the Computer History Museum.

Catherine Lathwell will speak on her rediscovery of the history of APL.

She witnessed the wild growth of APL in the 1970s as the daughter of Dick Lathwell who worked with Larry Breed and Roger Moore to turn Iverson notation into APL\360. Now she wonders “What is APL’s contribution to science?” and has begun producing a history of APL documentary film as an independent producer with CineFocus Canada.

More information is at

The talk will be at the Computer History Museum, 1401 North Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043

Officers for the APL BUG will be elected at the meeting. Anyone interested in standing for office should contact the chair, Chuck Kennedy at

Those interested in supper before the talk will try the new Pizzeria Venti at 1390 Pear Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043 650:254-1120 Please RSVP to if you’re planning to come to the restaurant.


1974 "Origins of APL" DVD

A copy of  the 1974 “Origins of APLDVD arrived in my mailbox today from John R. Clark in Arizona, USA!

This is a talk show style conversation between Ken Iverson,  Adin Falkoff, Larry Breed Phil Abrams & Roger Moore hosted by  David T Clements.


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