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Zero – A little Hero of the 21st Century

Our ability to imagine make us inventors and creators and unique… We are not here to question the possible but to challenge the impossible.

– Natasha Tsako


Tuesday at my fathers house

My father controls his whole house with his iPhone.   He remembers every video I’ve ever made and he tries to show everyone all of them.  In fact, he carries his favourites around on his iPhone.  The man loves his iPhone.  He’s 67 years old.  I don’t have an iPhone.  Not yet. And by the way, would I like to take home a copy of Snow Lepard? He has it already because he’s in one of those Apple Developer groups.

So, our day starts like this.  I turn up around 10:30 am.  My father shows me all the photos from his trip out to Western Canada.  Then he shows me how cool MobileMe is, in detail.  I show him my latest video experiment on YouTube, walk. Then we try to figure out a few things about SeaMonkey together.  We have lunch.

Then I say, can we look at those APL boxes in your basement?  He looks distressed and says, today? I back down and say we don’t have to go through them, can we just look and see what is there? I guess so.  We go.  We find all kinds of things.  My father is more of a pack rat than an archivist.  There’s the original APL/360 manual.  Notes from a course he wrote.  He tells me they called him the mathematician at that point.  They called my dad, the mathematician? Everything all mixed together.  Notes from the 1980’s at IPSA. 40 year old math books.  All of Ken’s books. (Oh damn, I forgot to call Eric!)

Did you ever go to Minnowbrook?  Oh, yes.

I didn’t even know there was an APL think tank. Hopefully there will be another one this year.  And hopefully I’ll get to go.  And hopefully I’ll finally get to meet Arthur.  Meet Arthur at Minnowbrook.  It has a nice ring to it.

Think tanks are cool.


She loves you like a Kitten

Updated my blog’s theme today.  This is where the kitten bit is coming from.

Incidentally, Chris Becker of FileMobile is one of the most forward thinking business men I’ve met in ages.  I wish I was working with him more.  He says, if you want to get a lot of people’s attention quickly in cyberspace, add a cute animal.  He was talking about online contests at the time and changing my WordPress theme is not at all what he meant – but now I have a blog post with ‘kitten’.  We’ll see what that does!  You see, part of my evil plan is to get attention in cyberspace.  Right?  It’s that tree falling problem.  Can I you hear me?

Thanks again Hugh Macleod &

Thanks again Hugh Macleod &

And speaking of trees, today I official started stalking Paul Grosvenor.  The poor guy has the distinction of being the Chairman of the British APL Association.  Another part of my evil plan is to try to get everyone helping out with my evil plans.   I know, everyone wants to rope everyone else into their own agenda.  *sigh*  I’m human.  Damn.

Anyway, I would like to unveil a little more about my agenda at Princeton, so I think Paul and I should talk first.  Don’t you agree?



ready… steady… GO!

This is what the small things look like

This is what the small things look like

It’s been an exciting week.  Small steps are adding up to big things just as they should.

Our tickets are booked for Princeton.   We’re poised and ready to collect your stories.  Bring’em on guys!

I think my talk will focus on indirect marketing and the film’s viral campaign, in other words, why this film is good for you, so you should put you money where your mouth is.  Or say “APL, J & K,” ten times, fast!

And maybe there’s a fire that can be lit under someone’s…

The business side of the film is moving along, thanks to the addition of Ian Cooper to the team as our film lawyer. This topic is basically boring and only a few people need to mind it.

I’m also easing into a fabulously cool day job for a start-up that aligns perfectly with my long term goals (remember all that whining about Economics exams?  Well… it has only just begun to hurt & it hurts so good!).  AND MY BOSS LOVES THE FILM!

I feel like the planets are still aligned, so I go.


She walks, she talks & looks just like me!

Well, here I am.Presenting in Reading, UK

Presenting in Reading, UK

I was wrote to Len Shustek at the Computer History Museum this morning about my ‘market research’.   I’m finding the most curious thing; when I talk to people about the project, they are definitely interested in the idea of a film about APL.  They think this is cool.  And when I say ‘people’ in this case, I’m talking about general people, not connected to computers or APL or J or K.

BUT – when I start telling stories about reconnecting with the community, my trip to Palo Alto, speaking in Reading, how all of this is miraculously unfolding, people are fascinated.  I have their rapt attention.  And of course, this makes sense.  People like a journey.

Well,  what of it?    In my travels I am connecting with both what is historical and what is happening now.  Excellente!  Let’s go!

British APL Association’s 2009 Conference (BAPLA09) Photos


Baila Baila Conmigo

Everything sounds sexier in Spanish, doesn’t it?

We’ll be setting up a Speakers Corner to collect our stories at Dyalog’s APL Conference in Princeton, NJ USA September 13-16 2009. We’re hoping to capture anecdotes about how camerasmAPL is being used today. Have you had a really cool APL experience lately? We want to hear about it. Do you have a new idea you’d like to promote? Here’s your chance to see it published on YouTube!

We are also interested in the human side. Have you had an interesting collaborative experience with fellow APLers you’d like to share? Romance?

We’ll be taking the top stories to the finish line and posting them on YouTube. So, YouTube is the target for these stories. Keep it short. Keep it simple & rock on!

As a bonus you’ll get to meet Iris Ng, my colleague and collaborator for APL: The Movie (more women with gear!).


Wikipedia Wars in Cyberspace

I’m getting ready for Dyalog’s Princeton conference.  We’ll be setting up a speakers corner so that we can get some good stories on YouTube.

Get ready to share!

Oh yeah – and I’m presenting at the conference.  (yikes!) I just looked at what I said I’d say and I’m a little afraid now.  It’s going to take a while before I’m comfortable with this public speaking business.

You Know I Love You

The truth is that some of the things I’m thinking about vis-a-vis the film right now are deeply personal and I’m not sure everyone’s going to like where my thoughts and research are going.  Oh well.

xxx 000

Cartoon source: Hugh MacLeod &

Sometimes the getting there is just as important as the arriving.  🙂

p.s. I was trying to avoid this, but I think I’ve found a J.O.B.  that’s so cool, I can’t refuse…  We’ll see.

What’s this about Wikipedia Wars?

It appears as though we have our very own, very dedicated Wikipedia police force.

The British APL Association and an anonymous super hero, who goes by the nom de plume of “Cowznofski” have taken on the task to collectively working on the APL pages in Wikipedia, evolving and improving them.

Which they do in turns and then someone keeps changing them back to what they were before! I’m dying to know the real world identity of this person who is spending so much time and effort to thwart our efforts!

Like, what’s the deal, dude?


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