Baila Baila Conmigo

Everything sounds sexier in Spanish, doesn’t it?

We’ll be setting up a Speakers Corner to collect our stories at Dyalog’s APL Conference in Princeton, NJ USA September 13-16 2009. We’re hoping to capture anecdotes about how camerasmAPL is being used today. Have you had a really cool APL experience lately? We want to hear about it. Do you have a new idea you’d like to promote? Here’s your chance to see it published on YouTube!

We are also interested in the human side. Have you had an interesting collaborative experience with fellow APLers you’d like to share? Romance?

We’ll be taking the top stories to the finish line and posting them on YouTube. So, YouTube is the target for these stories. Keep it short. Keep it simple & rock on!

As a bonus you’ll get to meet Iris Ng, my colleague and collaborator for APL: The Movie (more women with gear!).


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