She walks, she talks & looks just like me!

Well, here I am.Presenting in Reading, UK

Presenting in Reading, UK

I was wrote to Len Shustek at the Computer History Museum this morning about my ‘market research’.   I’m finding the most curious thing; when I talk to people about the project, they are definitely interested in the idea of a film about APL.  They think this is cool.  And when I say ‘people’ in this case, I’m talking about general people, not connected to computers or APL or J or K.

BUT – when I start telling stories about reconnecting with the community, my trip to Palo Alto, speaking in Reading, how all of this is miraculously unfolding, people are fascinated.  I have their rapt attention.  And of course, this makes sense.  People like a journey.

Well,  what of it?    In my travels I am connecting with both what is historical and what is happening now.  Excellente!  Let’s go!

British APL Association’s 2009 Conference (BAPLA09) Photos


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