ready… steady… GO!

This is what the small things look like

This is what the small things look like

It’s been an exciting week.  Small steps are adding up to big things just as they should.

Our tickets are booked for Princeton.   We’re poised and ready to collect your stories.  Bring’em on guys!

I think my talk will focus on indirect marketing and the film’s viral campaign, in other words, why this film is good for you, so you should put you money where your mouth is.  Or say “APL, J & K,” ten times, fast!

And maybe there’s a fire that can be lit under someone’s…

The business side of the film is moving along, thanks to the addition of Ian Cooper to the team as our film lawyer. This topic is basically boring and only a few people need to mind it.

I’m also easing into a fabulously cool day job for a start-up that aligns perfectly with my long term goals (remember all that whining about Economics exams?  Well… it has only just begun to hurt & it hurts so good!).  AND MY BOSS LOVES THE FILM!

I feel like the planets are still aligned, so I go.


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