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It's Brooke! More tales from NYC

Even though I’ve only known Brooke Allen for a short time, I feel confident in saying this is most probably a typical photo of the guy.  He’s filled to the brim with stories and they flow like water.  He’s right in the middle of a good one here, I can tell.

When I first started this wacky array programming language film business a whole pile of people said to me, “You gotta meet Brooke Allen,” so, when he invited me to stay with him and Eve on my trip to NYC I jumped at the chance.  A great opportunity to get to meet this legend in the APL community.

The reason people are so keen to hook me up with Brooke, is because he more or less single-handedly cajoled enough people off their butts and to part with their hard earned cash that we got to have a programming contest aimed at students this year.  And there was real cash prize money.  And travel expenses.

And I need dough to do my film and more importantly to archive our fine progenitors before it’s too late, so people are thinking of me.  And here we are.  I had a lovely time getting to know Eve and Brooke and completely appreciate their hospitality.

And if you want to know more about Brooke, check out his No Shortage of Work Project.

Oh – and by the way, my “views” this month will top last month, which itself was a record setter.  Nice job folks.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for this crazy ride…  AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!



I just did my own informal survey about what you guys are looking at.  And guess what?

It’s the WOMEN!

No kidding, my photos of women are looked at roughly 4-7 times more often than those of the guys.

Hey Dudes, invite more women to your conferences.

We’ll all have more fun!


Not one, but two… tales from NYC

I almost fell off my chair.

I made friends with two Kx customers who are new to the array language family.   Both agreed to let me follow their progress, if I don’t name names.  Of course, I’m asking tons of pesky questions.  How do you find your programmers?  Why are you moving to the array family technology?  It turns out that folks are using intelligent business analysis, and then bingo!  Array family wins!  It’s smart, sexy and cool.

And… I ask, where do you get your data?  The answer?  Well.

Several generations of acquisitions and mergers ago, there was this midsized Toronto based APL company called I.P. Sharp.  IPSA, as we called them, started squirreling away financial data back in the 1970’s.

I worked for IPSA most of my working life.  That’s the career my mother refers to as, “the real job I threw away.” We didn’t qualify as sexy yet, but smart – Oh, yes.

Through several acquisitions and mergers and much heaving and hauling, and maybe a decade or two, this warehouse of financial historical data was ported off array technology.

And now, that historical data is finding its way back!

I’m not sure why I find this so funny, but… Oh… I do. And I feel like a real reporter now… Secret contacts!

Oh, and in spite of puking for the last few days, I *think* I passed my exam last night.  If I did… I’M LEVEL TWO!  HURRAY!


Kx! Kdb+ User Group Meeting Photos!

I’ve posted the photos from the Kdb+ User Group Meeting on Flickr!

Who says work can’t be serious and fun at the same time? These are the faces of seriously engaged and interested folks.


Kx Kicks … on Wall Street

So, my super secret Jedi seeking NYC mission was to go give my dog & pony show at the Kdb+ User Group meeting last week.

I did that.

And I had an amazing time and have stories!  They will come out over the next few posts.

But for starters – it was GREAT to see Simon Garland again and hear him speak.  He always puts on a good show.

Our very own Devon McCormick gave a great presentation on the advantages of terse programming languages.

Unfortunately, he was also moving at the speed of light, so I didn’t get a very good shot of him.

I understand that on Thursday the NYC J group went live with a Web Cast.

I’m wondering how that went…

And I FINALLY got to meet Chris Burke!

Who, as it turns out, has a little bit of the devil and tried really hard and in earnest to get me to skip my flight home and run away to the J meeting instead.

That’s it for now.  I’m frantically cramming for my exam Thursday night.  My travel and my exams are on the same cycle, unfortunately.  So, more later… I promise!


How do I love thee?

I’m counting the ways…

And  I’m on the road again tomorrow.  This time it’s a super secret extra cool Jedi seeking mission.  And I made a show to take along.  That’s all I can tell you now.  I’ll tell you more next week when I come home.

I’m finally going to meet Brooke Allen!!!!

And Curtis Jones wrote a lovely article about my talk in Mountain.  And Vector published it.

Oh – I think I had my turn with H1N1.  Feeling much better now – but last week was rough.


Now is a good time to yelp!


I have added a new page,  but WordPress kinda hides it.   You can find it on the side bar, under “Film Synopsis” as  “Who’s who”.

This is your chance to add the names and contributions of the people you think have made important contributions to the array language family.

And – If there is anyone out there who can help on the business side of things, please, please, please speak up.

Oh – I just digitised my tape from the APL Reunion here in Toronto in 2004.  Remember?  Ken Iverson couldn’t make it to the Island, so I coerced many of you to make him a video message.  I just watched to messages.  They’re lovely.  I have zero permission to post them.  So, if you were there, expect a call from me!


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