It ain't no Taj Mahal

“Why are we here again?” Alison asked.

I have to admit,  the building is humble looking.  It is, luckily, also quite close to Alison’s family restaurant, Hummus, where she and her husband are introducing Israeli food to West Philly.  So, she had no problem finding it and taking me there.

And I was sincerely glad to see the building which once housed IBM’s Philadelphia Scientific Center.   I must have been there in the past.  At least once.  And I wish I could report that my heart swelled with recognition upon our arrival.  But I can’t.  I didn’t. There was nothing.  Nada. Not the tiniest memory. Oh.

Hmmmm…. I’ll need to ask my dad about this.  I have very clear memories of an IBM machine room in New York, maybe this is because from my child perspective the computer was a bigger than a HOUSE.  It made a really strong impression. I must have been four years old.

Anyway.  I went.

I made a swift return to Swarthmore, PA too.  My mum and I are still arguing about whether or not the Iverson’s had a place in the town at one point, or if they were located in a near-by town the whole time.  In my video trailer I say they were there, along with the Lathwells and the Berrys.

I took care of their cats when they were out-of-town!  Did I teleport? Is this false memory syndrome?  Of course, I should just ask them.


3 Responses to “It ain't no Taj Mahal”

  • I thought the Iversons were in Swarthmore, also. I remember a garage that had been made into an apartment, and a big black cat, Inky, that was kind of cantankerous.

  • The Iversons initially bought a farm house in Media (where the McDonnells lived). I think the motivation was that Janet wanted a horse… Then they sold that and moved to Swarthmore – I’m fuzzy on just which street, but not too far from the village center. Gosh – that’s all been a long time!

    The Brown’s and Smith’s (Howard) lived close to each other, near the railway about half way between Media and Swarthmore.

    You have to admit that subway access to 3401 is very convenient! I commuted by subway to the 69th street terminal where I changed to a bus to West Chester each day (sort of a gruesome commute…)

  • Damn! I was dreaming myself a teleporting child! 10 points – Catherine; Mum – 0

    Thanks for sharing Joey!

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