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I’ve had my head down, working away at my Accounting duties for days and days and days!   And then I figured out how to move this damn blog so I can host it myself, which I’ve wanted to do for months.   So, I moved it.  In other words it no longer “lives” at WordPress. 

Sorry folks, you’ll need to set up your feeds again.  And Boy, that took a lot of fiddling.  I hope it was worth it.

So, I’m under pressure to give you some good stuff, as it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted anything at all.

Lucky for me, both David Allen and Michael Berry turned up in Toronto last week.  Both these guys cut their baby teeth while programming in APL back in the 70’s and 80’s. When other kids were out washing dished, they were digging in to real time computing.  And guess what?  They’re doing really well now.

Michael Berry

Michael’s family was moved around by IBM in the same herd as my family.    And the truth is,  I had my first heart break when our families got separated, not so much from losing contact with Michael, himself, because he was much older, but his sisters! My first impulse, when this all began was to run and go find them in California.

David Allen

David Allen

And so, the first thing I did was to call David up and say, I’m coming to Palo Alto, can I crash at your place? He said, yes!   And came to my talk at the Computer History museum and helped me out by running the camera.  I think Larry Breed still thinks he’s my camera guy, instead of CTO!


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