When I began this project, I calculated that 375 people in the whole wide world would give a damn about the story of APL and its descendant Array Languages.  I based this number on my own magic formula: roughly 500 IPSA Employees in its heyday.  I can count on 75% of them to be interested in a story that must inevitably include them.

Imagine my surprise when I figured out that the Origins of APL video I posted on myspace is much more popular.  In fact, it has received 4,ooo views since I posted it over a year ago.   Exactly 4,000, as of this moment. Merci, Bashyal at LtU.

Fri 13th - Survey Visitors by Country % of 600 counted

Fri 13th - Survey Visitors by Country % of 600 counted

Oh shit.

Pardon my language,  I mean: WHAT?

Given that we’re talking about the whole wide world, these stats are not earth shattering or what a rapper would bring in, but man oh man, am I excited.

You see, I had no idea how many lives and careers and programming languages the APL story has influenced.

This is serious.

And if I  had actually grabbed the right type ball for my photo shoot with Godzilla last week, I’d be feeling like little miss smarty-pants, right about now.  But, alas, once again, this proves to be an ironically humbling road.

In any case, for better or for worse, this brings me to the survey, because this is all one big warm up for…. drum roll…. The results.

Friday the 13th of August 2010 Survey Results


Who looked vs who responded

Visitors (survey days only) = 621
Unique Visitors = 432
Survey Respondents = 46


In case that wasn’t enough information, here’s your APL trivia for the day – John McGrew told me in NYC that APL2 still carries APL’s birthday, which I promptly forgot and so from the other side of Canada, Roger Hui tells Array birthday stories.


2 Responses to “Reach!”

  • Yikes, another English Lit major.

    Catherine, the ability to work on at IBM (my dad was a lifer) comes normally when you’re appointed an IBM fellow, as KEI was. How many of the rest had this official carte blanche?

    Sort of like 3M where you are expected to work on something not in your job description. Corral the irregulars I guess.

  • Trivia trivia: The timestamp on 1 CLEANSPACE is actually 1 second later than the original. Some time after the implementation of }CLEAR, Adin dropped 1 CLEANSPACE. He then had second thoughts, so I set the time and date of the model 50 to the original timestamp with the clock disabled and started APL and entered }SAVE 1 CLEANSPACE. The implementation of our supervisor (I guess these days we would say kernel) was such that an interval timer interrupt was required to enter the scheduler, so I momentarily enabled the clock.

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