Give me a break Big Blue!

I am so disappointed with Big Blue’s new 100×100 “film” that I can’t even bear to reference it here.   My first thought was to drone on about their marketing gimmicks, i.e. repeating their brand name 100 times in the guise of a “film”; let’s face it, historically APL folks have given marketing relatively little attention.  Maybe there is something to be learned here, however that would entail studying the damn thing when I barely made it through the first time.  BORING.  No thanks.  There’s a whole new wave of intelligent thoughtful people coming of age who aren’t going to fall for such unadulterated propaganda.  Yes,  THINK, indeed. Even commercials need to be more fun.

Rather than dwell on the negative, I decided to take this opportunity to remind everyone where the idea most probably originated.  You see, back in 2008  Richard P. Gabriel and Guy L. Steele made a wonderful piece about programming languages for the JAOO developers conference called 50 in 50. JAOO is an acronym that stands for “Java and Object Orientation” which is a really just a code word for a programming language family that was hot for a while, let’s say the last decade or two, but seems to be losing some of its Utopian shine recently.  Mr Gabriel and Mr. Steele are extremely well respected in the field of Computer Science.

Oh… pst… APL is featured in it!

I think some real thinking went into this thoughtful piece.  Enjoy.

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