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This is not a film: Storytelling X.1

Oh. And today, I’m not kidding.

I hope you aren’t disappointed. I really do have a legacy to live up to, here.  No shit. I’m so proud of our quirky little community, and as I said in the film synopsis, I plan to tell everyone about it. What else is a woman who faced, first hand, the Iverson challenge to do?  Parrot back what’s been done before?  No way. Trail blaze, buddy.

On that note, I’m completely excited to report that I’m speaking on a hot panel at a super cool conference called Storytelling X.1.

Digital Storytelling X.1 is a one day symposium exploring how digital technologies are changing forms of storytelling today.

Ah, the story and its relationship to money!  Everyone wants to hear about money. It’s the math that everyone cares about!  So, that’s what I’ll talk about. Isn’t it fitting for an Array language storyteller!

And I’ll share the epiphany I had at hot docs after listening to Frank Rose. (Ok, shaking his hand was a huge thrill!)

It is the inspiring,  brilliant and beautiful Siobhan O’Flynn who is responsible for getting me to Storytelling X.1, follow her on twitter, you won’t be disappointed. @sioflynn.


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This is not a game

This is not a game


Eyeballs, the ropes and hot hot docs!

A quick  note from the trenches.   I’m exhilarated and exhausted as we come to the close of  the conference.

The take home message?  Even in the world of documentary film making, eyeballs rule.

So, the sneaky plan of releasing the 1974 Origins of APL to the public is turning out to be the coup of coups!

You should see their faces!  FOUR THOUSAND views?

Of course, by now it’s 4,367. Viva La Jedi!


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