Country thievery and small arrays

Ken Iverson's copy of ALGOL 68

Klout reminds me this morning that my “influence”  has dropped 50%.  I guess this is what happens when one doesn’t participate in cyberspace these days, you get an automated email: “Hey!  YOU’RE not the cool kid!” Yikes.

The truth is I’m so busy, I can’t believe it. I got into that Statistics class I was hoping to avoid because last week it was full.  It’s still full, but now with me in it.  Damn. That’s good.  Right?

Fortunately, I had the foresight to hike up to Manitoulin Island to visit my dad on his new farm before it all began. The farm is not actually new, he moved up there two years ago, but this was my first venture.  If you’re wondering why it took me so long look at the map.

So, while I was there, dad worked.  I did nothing except wander around and photograph small and wild things.  And try to capture the moon and clouds. And poke around in his private business.  I brought back his journals from 1966 to 1977 among other bits and bobs.  And it turns out that my dad is perhaps a bit of a book thief, so I now own a couple books which previously graced the libraries of Ken Iverson and Adin Falkoff.

Incidentally, Sage, the infamous cat in the box loves country life and slept at my feet while I was visiting.

Now it’s back to the rate race.  Hey! Up my Klout!  I wanna be the cool kid again!

(Just kidding. I know it’s not Klout that makes me cool.  To borrow from Manuel Simone, it’s intellectual badassness.)




4 Responses to “Country thievery and small arrays”

  • They gave them to me.

  • aprogramminglanguage aprogramminglanguage

    Good to know!

  • The photograph of the draft report on ALGOL 68 indicates that B.J. Mailloux was one of the authors. B.J. Mailloux was the professor of my very first computer science course, CMPUT 214 at the University of Alberta.

  • I’m not a techie but I learned quickly how amazing APL was. As I look back now and realize how far ahead IPSA was in the world of technology – Their network, Mailbox. Sharp APL The OS etc.All the genius down in the “Zoo” – some quirky (I’m thinking Roger) It takes my breath away. A most remarkable Canadian company. Especially when Ian would occasionally let me sit in his office with him for a cigarette. lol

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