The iPhone, J & me

I love my iPhone.  It was the best Christmas gift ever, even better than the filing cabinet on Valentines day.  So, I am interrupting the princess report to mention I now have J on my iPhone.  Of course, many in the Community already know from twitter that I was interviewing Eric Iverson yesterday so that I can make a video to show at his J conference in July.

Thanks to Liz Giddons, I have live action shots of my first experience trying out J on a computer.















I am proud to report that the demographics on my Youtube channel have shifted in the last month to where the female readership has climbed to 16% up from many too many months at 2%. I don’t really understand why, but it sure makes me smile.


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  • It is so incredibly gratifying to know a person as smart as you, Catherine. It doesn’t matter a whit to me that I don’t really understand your subject matter, I simply have so much admiration for your endeavors. Excelsior, I say!! Onward, Upward, Keep on Keepin’ On!!

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