Happy New Year! 2013!

I’m a bit tired from last night’s festivities, but I didn’t want to let another day pass by without a quick hello and a brief update.  Right now marks the midway point for this epic filmmaking journey, which puts us on target for our intended 2016 release of the documentary.   Yes.  This is long range planning and there are some important and exciting milestones planned for 2014.  Are you ready?

NewYear1As for 2012, we talked to a lot of people in the community and did many research interviews. Everyone is doing a wonderful job working with us in what is a completely intrusive process.  Thank you, thank you.

I confess to being a particularly poor commentator this year and a few people are still waiting to hear about my trip to Florida to visit Ian and Audrey Sharp way back in August. So, to ring in the new year,  here are a few images from the trip.NewYear7

Ian and Audrey welcomed me into their home and graciously let me root through their collection of  I. P. Sharp Associates memorabilia and turn their otherwise pristine living room into a movie set.  This is where the news clipping from Olive’s 1965 diary came from.

It was a pleasure to spend a week with the Sharps.  They have a beautiful place near the water and interrupted their busy schedule of tenis and volunteering to show me around.  Ian does Meals on Wheels and Audrey performs hearing tests on new born babies.  And it was hot, hot, hot… They live in a hot place! Hot, it is almost impossible to imagine in snowy Toronto January!

And there is a whole other thesis lurking under all of this about Canadian technology entrepreneurialship. But that is a story for a different day.


Back in the APL FILMS office, we are poised and ready to launch a big publicity campaign in 2014. We’ve been working hard coming up with the concept and final designs for the logo.  It’s now down to choosing between two versions.  We’re stumped so we’ll put it to a vote.   The voting poll is all set-up and waiting for us to pull the tigger on Monday.  Stay tuned.  We need your help. This is the first of a few important steps moving forward.

Happy New Year, everyone!




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