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It took forever to get through immigration and I’m having a really bad hair day (sorry Monica) – BUT AMERICA HERE I AM.

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This is not a film: Storytelling X.1

Oh. And today, I’m not kidding.

I hope you aren’t disappointed. I really do have a legacy to live up to, here.  No shit. I’m so proud of our quirky little community, and as I said in the film synopsis, I plan to tell everyone about it. What else is a woman who faced, first hand, the Iverson challenge to do?  Parrot back what’s been done before?  No way. Trail blaze, buddy.

On that note, I’m completely excited to report that I’m speaking on a hot panel at a super cool conference called Storytelling X.1.

Digital Storytelling X.1 is a one day symposium exploring how digital technologies are changing forms of storytelling today.

Ah, the story and its relationship to money!  Everyone wants to hear about money. It’s the math that everyone cares about!  So, that’s what I’ll talk about. Isn’t it fitting for an Array language storyteller!

And I’ll share the epiphany I had at hot docs after listening to Frank Rose. (Ok, shaking his hand was a huge thrill!)

It is the inspiring,  brilliant and beautiful Siobhan O’Flynn who is responsible for getting me to Storytelling X.1, follow her on twitter, you won’t be disappointed. @sioflynn.


This is not a game

This is not a game


Evil plan part 2

Evil Plan Part 2 involves inventing a clever and fun business model to fund this operation and make everyone who is not a part of it jealous.

I think I’m on to something.  The timing is perfect for a collective cybernetic media strategy based on, guess what?  Stories, of course!

Are you lost?  You might be.  Here’s some homework.  Jinnean Barnard illustrates the power of unharnessed social media in A Recipe for Collective Outrage.

Let’s put some reins on this beast, shall we?


Concordance! Greek looks like APL to me

Earlier this year I received a post and email and then a tweet from Lyman Hurd, a software engineer in Atlanta GA, saying that if I was researching a documentary about APL, then I really should talk to his father John Hurd.

Well it turns out that the connections between APL and the humanities goes deeper than Eugene McDonnell’s membership in the Jane Austin Society.

Way back in the 80’s John Hurd wrote a concordance program for languages not using the Latin alphabet in APL.   A then used this software to teach an undergraduate course in Greek at the University of Toronto.

My adventure for today is a journey to the Northern reaches of Toronto to meet Professor Hurd!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Letter from Toronto Computers and Humanities (19) 1985 Paradigm Press Inc Volume 19, Number 4, 251-253, DOI: 10.1007/BF02259579


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