March 2009 – The Journey Begins
April 2009 – The Origins of APL arrives at my doorstep
May 2009 – Looking for childhood friends in Palo Alto
June 2009 – Seeking collaboration in the UK
July 2009 – It’s alive, the film gets incorporated
August 2009 – Getting to know what’s going “out there”
September 2009 –  A journey to Princeton and more research
October 2009 – A segue into real life, another trip
November 2009 – Some work, Mark I, Alex Morrow & Boston!
December 2009 –  Brooke! Women! & Kx kicks ass in NYC

January 2010 – Getting to know computing history
February 2010 – Remember Green bar paper?
March 2010 – Bread, roses and women
April 2010 – The APL cult & a trip to Philadelphia
May 2010 – APL’s brat pack & a trip to DC
June 2010 – A love letter to you & being the change, back to NYC
July 2010 – The bruises start to show
August 2010 – Another great loss
September 2010 – Bringing in other voices
October 2010 – Getting in deeper
November 2010 – Hatching an Evil Plan
December 2010 – Talking, waiting & reviewing

January 2011 – Positive press & sad loss
February 2011 – Rosies top Big Blue
March 2011 – Technical difficulties
April 2011 – Hot Docs
May 2011 – Eyeballs & breaking in
June 2011 – UP to something


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  • Hi Catherine,
    My dad wrote “APL PLus, an Interactive Approach”, and also worked with Larry Breed and Ken Iverson. We lived in Yorktown Heights, NY… my dad worked first for IBM and then was one of the founders of Scientific Time Sharing Corporation with Dan Dyer and Larry Breed. (My father’s name is Allen Jay Rose.) I stumbled across your project because I could never understand what exactly my father did, and only now at the age of 46 is it dawning on me how brilliant and complex a man he was and still is. I was a film major at NYU and have been looking to get involved with a meaningful project for years. (Currently I’m an education consultant after having been a teacher for several years). At any rate, if you want to contact me, please feel free. I bet my dad would be willing and interested to contribute whatever information he has for you.

    Judy Rose Applebaum

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